Topi Kettunen

Fragmented essay on computer science and art


I’m a DevOps consultant at Polar Squad and a software engineer. I’ve been working on topics such as operating systems, distributed systems, networking, and virtualization. In the wild, I mostly enjoy working with a wide variety of different developer tools – compilers, profilers, debuggers – or different creative programming ventures.

Alongside that, whenever I have time, I try to thrive in other creative endeavors like writing and music. Currently writing mainly my incoherent rambles down to somewhere (see this blog) and music in almost all of its forms, all the way from composing, playing, sound design to mixing and mastering.

I approach programming in a similar manner to how a composer might approach a new piece, a poet a new poet, or a painter a new painting since there can be so much beauty and art hidden in this bastard child of logic, individuality, and creativity that we call programming.

At the time of writing this, I don’t have a set schedule for my posts, although I’m working on it. I would want to post at least weekly but preferably more. I had a good writing habit couple of years ago, but for some reason or another, I lost it, so now I’m relearning this practice.

Questions, comments, ideas are always welcome! The best way to get a hold of me is via the following links:

LinkedIn is mainly used for work related purposes in my case and is not in active use.

Some of my programming is also available on GitHub!

Also, feel free to subscribe to my RSS.