So... Baldur's Gate 3 Happened

Posted on 24th of September 2023 | 274 words

Soo… Baldur’s Gate 3 was finally released after many years in open beta, and I have to be honest, it really made me forget pretty much any other project I had going on and just focus on playing it. Yesterday, I was finally able to finish the game after over 100 hours, and all I can say is that it truly was a great experience!

At one point in time, I played quite a bit of video games, but then I lost interest in playing them. Well, losing interest is maybe the wrong word, since I was still interested in what was happening in the gaming world, but I just followed it from afar without spending countless hours in those games.

Baldur’s Gate 3 really sparked this old fire again since it had many things going on in it. I loved the old Baldur’s Gates, and at the same time, many Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with friends hold a dear place in my heart, and naturally, Baldur’s Gate 3 combined those two in a truly remarkable fashion.

So I just wanted to write this small appreciation post to Larian Studios. Yes, the game had some minor bugs here and there, but nothing game-breaking (at least in my experience), but it was an absolutely amazing sequel to one of my favorite gaming series while respecting the legacy of D&D. I doubt that I will start consuming other video games endlessly like I used to, but nonetheless, Baldur’s Gate 3 was an amazing experience, and I’m glad I spent many, many hours in it.

Now, when the game is finished, I can finally return to hacking.