Running staticcheck with eglot and gopls

Posted on 17th of March 2023 | 188 words

Another neat finding in Go’s language server. Basically, I wanted to include some sort of way to run some static analyser with my language server. I remember golanci-lint was long the “de facto” tool for this, but seems that staticcheck has grown a lot in popularity. So I wanted to integrate that with my gopls.

Naturally, the first step was installing the tool itself. Fortunately, that can be done super easily with just:

$ go install

Next I needed to enable this somehow with gopls. Again fortunately, all the possible settings for gopls can be found here. Including the simple variable for staticcheck. To pass in this setting to eglot, I need to configure variable eglot-workspace-configuration, which basically allows you to configure LSP servers specifically for a given project and given LSP.

To pass in the setting to the gopls, we need to pass in a plist with the configurations we want:

(use-package eglot
  (eglot-workspace-configuration '((:gopls . ((staticcheck . t))))))

;; OR

(setq-default eglot-workspace-configuration '((:gopls . ((staticcheck . t)))))

Naturally, you can pass any setting you desire that is available for the language server this way.