Getting Back to the Writing and Reading Saddle

Posted on 31st of March 2024 | 183 words

So, again, I’ve been in this annoying procrastination rut when it comes to my writing (literature and coding) and reading. I’ve been quite active in other interests although, especially music, since I just recently had one gig after a long break of not gigging and it was super fun! But now, I’ve felt the urge to get back to books and programming, while still of course trying to keep musical activities relatively active.

I’ve started to read through couple new tech books focusing on compilers and garbage collection and also rereading some German literature classics, mainly for trying to learn the language. Also, I should get back to Sila development at the same time. Next steps for the Sila development is probably going to be to start working with code generation for aarch64. This is due to the fact that I recently got a new Macbook with ARM processor (M3 Max), so now I need to start worry about code generation for both x86-64 and aarch64. Which is probably going to be quite a lot of work but hey… it’s fun (I hope).