Giving Mastodon a Go

Posted on 13th of October 2023 | 356 words

In the digital landscape, social media is an indispensable tool for communication, networking, and content sharing. Yet, the way these platforms have been implemented and designed isn’t praiseworthy. From content suppression algorithms to opaque data policies, it’s no secret that the leading tech giants have cultivated a restrictive environment.

I’ve been vocal about social media and how wrong it has always felt to me, leading me to delete most of my social media accounts apart from LinkedIn. However, is LinkedIn truly a social media platform or merely a glorified job board? I also wrote a post about social media from the perspective of digital minimalism some time ago.

For years, I was content without any social media accounts, and still am. Recently, I yearned for an online community to engage in meaningful discussions and banter, perhaps due to my move to a new country last year or simply because of an extended hiatus from social media.

I didn’t want to return to the draconian social media platforms I once used, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even Reddit didn’t pique my interest. Nevertheless, I sought something new, which led me to consider Mastodon.

I had followed Mastodon’s development from afar due to my reluctance to join, not because Mastodon is malevolent, but because I felt I spent too much time on computers, and joining might exacerbate that.

However, after stumbling upon intriguing threads (is there a Mastodon-specific term for these?), I decided to join Mastodon and participate in discussions. Intrigued by its promise of a democratic and transparent social media experience, I took the plunge and joined the Mastodon community, finding it a breath of fresh air.

I’m thrilled to contribute to a platform that values user autonomy, fosters genuine human connections, and champions transparency and inclusivity. Embracing Mastodon signifies not just a personal choice but also a deliberate step toward fostering a more democratic and empowering social media environment for all.

In a world rife with censorship and control, Mastodon serves as a beacon of hope, embodying technological innovation that prioritizes user well-being and digital freedom above all else.

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