Missing technical writing

30th of November, 2021

This blog is a few years old, and during its time, it has had a couple of different style changes (and a couple of domain changes). Initially, this blog started in 2018 when I was in school, and I thought some blogging platform could improve my writing.

Most of the posts back then were some assignments for various school related works. Blog was a clever publishing platform for those and was accepted in many courses. Most of those have since been deleted and forgotten.

During those days, this was very tech-oriented, focusing more on writing various tutorials about different subjects, mainly revolving around distributed computing. Then I landed my first job as a DevOps engineer, where I was able to put these tutorials that I had written to practice. Unfortunately, about the same time, I started losing my motivation on regular writing mainly due to time constraints.

Around late 2020, early 2021, I started to rekindle my writing habit with different styles and topics. Then I began to write down my thoughts about the world around me. So many topics were about music, art, some tech stuff here and there but not really "technical writing". I was mainly sharing my opinions about the various topics that interested me. While I enjoyed this little bit more pondering writing style - some could call ranting - for me, it felt that it was missing something.

I missed the technical writing. But now, since I had established a particular style in my writing, it felt out of place to start writing about various geeky subjects revolving around computer science. That being said, all those writings in the tutorial and guidance way or these recent little bits of more analyzing way of writing hasn't been gone to waste. However, I feel that now at least, I know about what I want to write.

I think the combination of both will suit me the best. At the same time, I don't necessarily see myself writing some basic how-to tutorials anymore. But I feel that technical analysis with various concrete implementations would be interesting to research and write. My main interests have generally lay in music, arts and how these intertwine with computer science. However, since my professional life is linked to topics such as designing and implementing distributed systems, distributed computing in big data environments, systems engineering, performance, reliability, and compilers and programming languages. I feel that those might also be a regular visitor in my ramblings.

My professional life has also revolved around these topics. So I feel that I'm able to write a lot in conjunction with my work. Especially since working with large distributed systems, you're bound to stumble upon some weird things, making this analysis-oriented technical writing is an excellent tool for thought. I would want to have this semi-regular to regular writing habit that I once had, but that is something I can't promise. Post at a time!

But since this is still my blog, I feel that occasional rambles and shitposts about various topics are in place. Do people want to read those? Probably not, but every once in a while its fun to vent. So going forward, I think you can expect a significant portion of more technical commentary with smaller portion of things that entertain and occasionally horrifies me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to topi at topikettunen dot com.

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