Moving to Berlin

3rd of April, 2022

Berlin graffitti

So I found myself in Berlin after living many good years in Helsinki. Moving here has been a plan of mine for quite some time and originally it was a big reason why I joined my current employer. I had a plan on moving here lot earlier but due to all this COVID nonsense around the world these plans were little bit postponed. But hey, here we are finally in lovely Kreuzberg.

Time will tell how long will I enjoy my stay here, but I pretty much sold my every earthly belonging before moving here so move was pretty painless. Also, if I don't gather too much more material things around my life, moving to somewhere else would probably be quite easy!

Also this post marks a start of my (hopefully) more frequent posting in a form of these smaller rambles. This is mainly due to reason I try to stay "off-the-grid" from all these social platforms and my friends and family wanted to hear more update from my side, so might as well do it here!

Looking forward to my future here in Berlin!

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to topi at topikettunen dot com.

Tags: personal