Now Page

Posted on 3rd of June 2022 | 200 words

My “now page” can be found here

So I decided to join the ranks of a bunch of “cool people” and create my “now page”. While my direct home page (root of this site) works as what most people could call “about” page, I feel that the “now page” reflects a little bit better on what I’m doing at this very moment. A similar effect could be achieved with random ramblings on some social media platforms, but personally I just want to stay away from those as much as possible.

That being said, most of the posts that I stumbled upon in those platforms - when I was still on those - were often related to relatively small events with a couple of big news here and there. “Now page” reflects the “big picture” a little bit better, which is why it works nicely for sharing with people I haven’t met in a long time.

With this kind of page, I believe it’ll also work to remind me of my current priorities. So if I stumble upon something new and exciting, I can reflect these on my “now page” to see if it fits there or not. Further reading: