Updated on 14th of November, 2022

Been living in Berlin for over half a year already, still lots of new places to find and enjoy. Also still hate the German bureaucracy, and I firmly believe there aren’t too many changes in my feelings towards it. Moved from Kreuzberg to a new apartment in Neukölln quite recently. This one is also furnished, as was the last one but with one BIG PLUS. This apartment has real piano on it! My time in Berlin had been ridden with not being able to play music due to me leaving all my instruments back in Finland and haven’t yet decided to bring those here since I would need to find a place for them but also for the reason that it’s pretty expensive to ship/bring those here. So thankfully, now I can play at least something!

Nothing new on the work front. Still banging my head against the wall with the issues in distributed systems with various customers and my “side-hustle” in programming audio applications goes fine (maybe I could do some blog post about the current happenings in that?).

Still continue to read and write every chance I get. I decided to also start maintaining a new reading list where I gather the books that I’ve read but also write some notes down about these books, mainly to gather my thoughts and ideas about the book. This one can be found here.

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