Topi Kettunen

Fragmented essay on computer science and art


Code Reading

Code reading has always been this activity that I’ve just done without really giving any thought to it. But despite this, now, when I look back at this habit, I see it is immensely beneficial. This habit caught my attention when I was reading Peter Seibel’s book Coders at Work, in which there is a section where Peter asks about code reading from his interviewees. It tended to be unanimous amongst his interviewees that code reading is very beneficial.


Extravagancy in Tech

I’ve lately started to ponder the repercussions of this trend of extravagant architectural choices in the tech industry. Mostly these kinds of options seem to be prevalent in this current era of cloud computing. At least, I seem to stumble upon these regularly when I work with a wide variety of different distributed systems as a DevOps/SRE consultant. Great examples in this kind of trend are various Kubernetes setups in projects where you could easily manage to progress without it or some data infrastructure solution that feels like a sledgehammer for hitting a small nail.


Contemplating Web Analytics

I started to rekindle my, unfortunately, lost writing habit a couple of weeks ago. I set up Google Analytics for this page mainly due to its ease of use to see simple analytics. I was only interested in visitor count and possibly from what source my readers are coming. Google Analytics is a massive tool with massive amounts of data going into it. I tried to restrict this collection as much as possible so it suits my personal blog’s needs.


Leap of Faith in Email Providers

When talking about the tools of the trade, almost regardless of the industry, email seems to be a vital tool. The same applies to me. Obviously, in the tech industry, everything goes by email. But also in music. If I happen to record, mix or master something, pretty much always these are shared with email. Email is also a crucial part of my workflow, so I care about my productivity while using it.


Reawakening Long Lost Habit (or Forming a New One)

A couple of years ago, I had a good habit of writing semi-regularly about various exciting topics. Unfortunately, time passed, and I began to write less and less, and recently I’ve gotten out of the habit altogether. This is a shame in many ways since I’ve always felt writing to be immensely therapeutic. At the time of writing, this world is also in a very odd place. Most of the countries worldwide are quarantined due to COVID-19, and people are staying in their homes.