Reading List

Posted on 13th of November 2022 | 239 words

For years, I’ve been a relatively voracious reader, but for one reason or another, I’ve never really given too much thought to my reading. Sure, while I was in school, I did the occasional book report. Although considering my history at school, these probably weren’t given much thought. This has meant that I mainly just read what I enjoy, put the book away, and that’s it. Although, occasionally, on good books, I might’ve returned to them more than once.

Lately, I’ve wanted to start to change this habit, and I’ve decided to do this is to begin maintaining a reading list/queue and writing some brief notes after I’ve read the book. By these notes, I’m not talking about any summary of the topic or anything like that but more so as a way of saving thoughts and ideas about what I’ve read. Of course, this probably also means that not all books I read are worth taking notes, but at least those that I find fascinating/interesting/great will probably have these.

Since I’ve been reading about one book per week for many years, naturally, I can’t remember everything I’ve read. This is why I will probably just reread many of the books I have already read just to include those on my list. Thankfully, I only read good books, so this won’t be a chore… right? I’ve also decided to maintain this reading list online, which can be found here.