Showing Now Playing with Hugo

6th of April, 2022

So I wanted to add "Now playing" footer to my posts so I can share easily the music that I'm listening currently and maybe some people are able to find something new and interesting with that so I implemented a very quick and poor man's implementation for it! Basically I only play with the YouTube's search_query URL parameter and I pass in the song to that from the Hugo post's front matter.

I pass in the current song as a slice in the post's front matter similarly to this:

nowPlaying: ["DAF", "Liebe auf den Erste Blick"]

Then I just parse that in the template:

{{ if .Params.nowPlaying }}
{{ $artist := index .Params.nowPlaying 0 }}
{{ $song := index .Params.nowPlaying 1 }}
{{ $query := querify "search_query" ( printf "%s %s" $artist $song ) "search_type" "videos" }}
<div class="now-playing">
  <p class="no-margin">Now playing:
    <a href="{{ $query | safeURL }}" target="_blank">
      {{ $artist }} - {{ $song }}
{{ end }}

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to topi at topikettunen dot com.

Tags: computers, music

Now playing: DAF - Liebe auf den Erste Blick