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2023-11-16Sila Dev Log: Implementing Local Variables
2023-10-03Sila Dev Log: Defining Macro for Parser Rules
2023-08-24Sila Dev Log: Initial Recursive Descent Parsing
2023-08-19Sila Dev Log: Tokenization and Compiling Basic Arithmetic
2023-07-28Why Would Anyone Build a New Programming Language?
2023-06-01Another Godfather of AI Feeling Lost
2023-05-02Geoffrey Hinton Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead
2023-03-03Generics-aware gopls in Emacs
2023-02-24Finally Got My Emacs Setup Just How I Like It
2023-02-21Best Description of AI
2023-02-19Adding Lunar Phases to Emacs' Org Agenda
2023-02-15Telemetry in Go
2023-02-04Carbon Costs of Self Driving Cars
2023-02-03We Have This Today With Common Lisp
2023-01-23Beastie Against Fascism
2023-01-21Migrating to Contabo
2023-01-20Lisa Source Code Release
2023-01-18Building GPT From Scratch
2023-01-07Internet Is Empty and Devoid of People
2023-01-05Luddite Teens


2022-04-06Showing Now Playing with Hugo
2022-02-06Why Not Kubernetes?
2022-01-19Google Analytics Considered... Illegal?
2022-01-09Adventures in Linear Types


2021-11-30Missing Technical Writing
2021-07-28Music, AI, and the Future
2021-06-23Code Reading
2021-05-08Extravagancy in Tech
2021-03-28Contemplating Web Analytics
2021-03-03Leap of Faith in Email Providers


2020-11-16FreeBSD Jails For Fun and Profit